GTA V no more a fun game!

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Mar 8, 2020
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I have been away from GTA V for like a year and i decided to came back and see what was new.. Well nothing besides a few heist and quests but BEJESUS their is a modder in every session and every corner of this game. No matter how hard i try to get a new session or change their is one there ready to screw your gaming time. Is it the gaming industry or is it a mental state that bring those kids to be as dumb as they are now because it has become unplayable now.. Rockstar would easely solve that problem by having an admin watching all lobbies and banning ON THE SPOT who ever hacks and mess with other good player games but i guess it s too hard to ask for. Anyway if you are planning to go back on GTA V just be warned that your fun time is over and get ready to get killed over killed over killed and messed up with because of all those modders pissing people off just because their brain can't think other way then that.

too bad because that game was a great game but now .. it s a Modder's paradise..
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You know the saying, a multiplayer game is only as fun as the people you are playing with.
It's the reason i don't play it anymore, the online became trash and tbf the players weren't great to begin with.

Agreed, I think this post should be labeled "GTA V Online no more a fun game". The actual GTA V game is still great.
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