getting fast download speeds on ookla but actual slow speeds when downloading

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Apr 26, 2023
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hello everyone, Im kinda new to this but at the same time I didn't know what else I could do since I can't find my specific problem online so here I am writing this forum. Ive noticed that I have pretty fast download speeds when I'm running an internet speed test (450+ mbps, but it has to ramp up to that, usually starts off around 70 mbps) but when I download stuff, It actually takes way longer and the highest speed I've seen on a download was actually 19 mbps and that was when I was reinstalling valorant. when I try to download games from hoyoverse such as genshin impact, it downloads at 2.50 ish mbps. And steam only gets as high as 25 mbps but usually hovers around 20 mbps It almost feels like my downloads are being limited but that doesnt make sense since I can get decently fast speeds on the speedtest. I'm on ethernet since I don't have a wifi card anymore. I wanted to see if my little brother's pc was also the same but nope, his file downloads are way faster and he's got my old wifi card. Somebody help pleasee.
Hello GoodGuyMo and welcome to the forum.

Here are a few links for you to try , i use this one to calculate how long something with take to download. Once you click it to open the webpage put it on your favourites bar.
Download Time Calculator - Calculate Download time/speed

I have used ookla but check the area server name because it sometimes chooses a server a long way from your location.

If like me you are in engalnd and a B.T. customer this one is the best.
BTW Performance Tester (

Here are a few reasons why downloads can be slow.

1. Are others doing things on the internet such a downloading music on watching catch up tv whilst your downloading a game.
2. Time of day and number of users after the same thing will slow your download down.
3. Are you using steam client to download games , if so is the download rate on the correct setting ..... you could be slowing yourself down by using the wrong speed.

FOOTNOTE ... i just re-read your comment about you no longer have a wi-fi card so obviously your on ethernet , look for where it tells you how your pc is connecting to the internet , yes your on ethernet but some of your settings could be showing its trying to use wi-fi , the reason i know this is because i did not know one of my pc's had a built in wi-fi board , the settings were on wi-fi but i was on ethernet and so i was causing my own problem.
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