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This HP gaming PC has great specs, but is also cheap. Can someone tell me if this is worth buying?

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01-2176z Bundle PC (
It comes with a no name 400w psu when 550w is what's recommended on the Nvidia site for the RTX 3060. Also Ryzen cpu's benefit from higher clocked memory hence the reason 3600Mhz RAM is what's recommended. btw if that case doesn't allow you to run it with the front panel open then airflow/heat looks like it could be an issue.

Try this. (you can dl windows 10 for free from the MS site)
Fractal Design Focus G Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case $49.99

Use the free 120mm fan that comes with this psu for an exhaust fan for that case up above.
Super Flower Leadex III 550W 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply $69.99
Free 120mm ARGB Case Fan with Purchase, Limited Offer By Super Flower
ASUS PRIME B560M-A $110.99

Intel Core i5-10400F $144.44
Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 $76.99
PNY CS2130 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Gen3 x4 Internal SSD $109.00
GIGABYTE Eagle GeForce RTX 3060 12GB Video Card $783.78

Total: $1264 (not including shipping & promo codes)

A better look at that board.

A better look at that case.

I would just avoid HP all-in-ones personally unless you could get a good deal on a 3080ti or 3090 in one of their builds.

But yea, that 400w PSU isnt good at all lol, you wont be able to really put a lot of power into your system with something small like that. I would check out putting the one together above, or something close in price range.

If you have a problem building on your own, i understand that too, but what that system is for 1200 isnt all that good of a price, ik GPUs are hard to come by, but its wrong for HP to pair all that with a 400w psu.
Oct 2, 2020
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if you dont want to build one, then you need to look at places like Scan, PCspecialists, DinoPC websites who build them using parts that will allow changes and upgrades in the future
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