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Dec 26, 2023
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Hello all,

I'm a Master student at University of Liechtenstein and working on a research project pertaining to various aspects about the players of online video games. It should only take about 10 minutes and is available here:

We will first ask questions about yourself (demographics and personality - you can "prefer not to answer" for all of these questions), and then some high-level questions about the games you play and your knowledge about them.

We invite you to participate for the sake of a potentially crucial contribution to video games research. The results will be shared and discussed within Q1 2024.

Feel free to ask any questions below or reach out to us via the contact email provided in the survey.

Many thanks in advance!

@mods: I was unable to find any survey guidelines for this forum. Please let me know in case there is anything non-compliant about this survey.
Welcome to the forum :)

@mods: Please let me know in case there is anything non-compliant about this survey.

It's Christmas and you omitted the MGB—Mods Goodie Bag. That's just mean!

It's on Google Forms, which auto-logs me into my Google account. I always skip having one of my main email addresses associated with a GF survey, since Google is an advertising company which lives off hoovering up our data.

I've done all the surveys posted here which are on platforms which are less data-sucking oriented, always happy to help students and researchers :)

I made an exception for your survey, since it explicitly said my email address would not be shared—can you please confirm you don't see respondents email addresses?

should only take about 10 minutes

Yep, took me 12.

PS I didn't realize Liechtenstein had enough room for a university :p


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