Game that brings you nostalgica?

Aug 10, 2021
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half life is a fab choice!,i havent played it for nearly twenty years but ill never forget gordons useless but very iconic crowbar. :D

for me,its either old nostalgia-when i play sixteen bit goodness such as sonic and hitting up green hill zone-that music,the colours, the sound effects...all bring me back just thinking about it now.

or newER nostalgia really-its not very old but panzer dragoon saga, any part of it brings me right back to the hidden and widely undiscovered beauty of the sega saturn but theres a piece of music in the OST that really hits me deeply and entrances me in nostalgia,this particular piece is very emotive,-its right at the end of disc 1- go to youtube and search for a track in the game which is called pure blood seed, honestly-its beautiful,melodic and emotive-and it brings me straight back to the level-i can see everything happening without looking,i can see it in my mind, and it makes me feel quite a lot of empathy for these polygonised dragons getting hurt-but i also feel so lucky that i got to play this game and have it as part of my gaming CV,truly a beautiful game itll never get old.
The first game I ever played with my kids was Wizard101. They were 6 and 4. Had the time of my life. I still log in a couple of times a year and wander around a bit and think about playing with my little ones. They are 18 and 16 now.
Last year's Command & Conquer Remastered for sure—lovely to experience again the games that converted my main media pastime to be video games. Joe Kucan as Kane, Frank Klepacki's fab soundtracks, the FMV cut scenes, the over-the-top tongue-in-cheek tone…

Someone stop me :D It was a wonderful gaming experience.