Question Game suggestions for me

I'm tired of playing games that are so easy, suggest me a challenging game!!!
You must be bad at something. Try doing that for awhile. For instance, I'm bad at parkour, shooting, melee, stealth, puzzles, strategy, management, automation, building, navigation, remembering key presses, remembering crafting recipes, driving, flying, sliding, crawling through air ducts, climbing ladders, climbing down ladders, not falling to my death, upgrading equipment, modding equipment, min/maxing, playing with others, etc. So I concentrate on those things.
It's 'easy' to make a game 'hard', haha.

♣ Don't use the big weapons
♦ Don't upgrade your player character
♥ Don't take companions on quests, or get them killed early
♠ Make sure enemy finds you quickly
♣ Load up smaller map with max number of opponents at top difficulty
♦ In a shooter, don't use guns

And so on, and on…
Just requires a bit of imagination, if that's not too challenging ;)


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