Question GAME GRAPHICS KEEPS RESETTING...No effect of changing

Aug 19, 2022
Hi Guys.

I am having an uncompromisable issue with my PC.

Whenever I try to change graphics settings in any game, the quality of graphics keeps same, no visual change. Means, Ultra, High, Medium, or low, wherever I click, only Low mode is getting enabled.

This is going on with every game.

My specs:
I5 11400F
Gigabyte H510 H V 1.3
8 GB X 2
Geforece GTX 1050 Ti
Seagate 500 GB SSD

Request you to help me.
Welcome to the forum :)

2 things jump out as first possibilities:

1. You're playing games beyond the capabilities of a 1050Ti, except at low settings. I have a 1060 and I see plenty of games for which I'm below recommended specs these days. My guess is such games won't allow settings higher than what your card caan handle.

So, what games are you trying?

2. Unlikely, but is there a 'Save' you're forgetting to click after making changes?
Aug 19, 2022
Hi...Its not the save issue. I am trying Far Cry 3, as well as Spiderman Remastered, Graphics is not changing at all....means likely GPU is forced to run at low or medium settings.

Updated Driver
Udated BIOS
No Rendering issue in 3D Softwares like Blender, Maya etc,

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