Game controllers not working

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What games are you trying to play and what store/launcher are you using? Also what version of Windows are you using?

I have limited experience, but`in Windows 10 at least Steam autodetects the DS4 natively so it should just work. If a game is in GOG or Microsoft Gamepass I believe you still have to use something like DS4 to map it to Xbox inputs. I'm not sure on Epic as I havent played anything with a controller there.

Theres a guide that might help you here.

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Mar 27, 2022
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I am using windows 11 and yes i use DS4Windows. I was trying to play FIFA 22. I used to play it last December with Generic UCOM pads but now I cant play with even DS4.
Having never played Fifa and never used a controller with anything EA other than through Gamepass I dont really have any experience, sorry to say. Jedi Fallen order worked perfectly for me is all I know.

Have you tried using a USB cable intead of Bluetooth? Only thing I can think of other than reinstalling the DS4 driver or trying some guides you'll probably have already found by searching.

Hopefully someone else has better ideas.
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