Galactic Civilizations IV v0.60 Alpha

Sep 21, 2020
I loved Gal Civ 2. Gal Civ 3 is OK, but somehow it isn't as fun. It seems like every time I play, the rules have changed quite a bit.

Come to think of it, now that they're focusing on GC4, it might be a particularly good time to play!

GC3 recently recived a pretty big balance patch. Id say it's a good time to jump in. They changed many things for the better and got rid of some of the tedium. The balance changes also helped a bit from what i'm told. Im new to GC3, but it seams like a decent upgrade from 2 at this point. (GC3 is much like GC2, GC4 seams to be a lot different but in many ways i like) For now though 3 will be fun to play for sure.
I think Gal Civ 4 first released on Epic a few months ago. Now, with the first DLC, it's showing up on Steam?
I haven't followed it closely, but I think:

♣ Epic exclusive a year ago

♦ DLC-only on Steam now, base game still not on Steam—DLC also on Epic. Supernova seems more a stand-alone expansion than DLC, since it's obviously stand-alone and is in Early Access—I don't think DLC usually gets the EA treatment, does it?
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Supernova expands on the previous version - Its meant to replace the previous Epic version. Includes extras not in previous versions

Not all links to game on Google are safe, one tried to download things my AV refused.


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