Frame Rate Capped at 90 FPS ?


My FPS are capped at 90 in America's Army even though I have a fresh install of the game and Windows 11 - all up to date, Frame Rate Smoothing is off, and Max FPS is set to 200 in game.

I have a 165 hz monitor, I have the FPS on screen in AA, when I load up AA and I'm in the Menu's etc - it even shows its 165 on screen?

But when I get in game its 90?

Any ideas?

Is it possible Gefore Experience could be screwing it up or something else?

Thank you for your time
turn off the FPS counter and play the game
That I endorse 100%—I've played hundreds of games and couldn't tell you what FPS I had in a single one. It matters to pro gamers, but very little for us mortals.

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thanks I'll check that out - though seems odd you'd need to do that kind of thing!


While you may or may not be right to a certain extent... I didn't spend all this money on a new build, high refresh rate monitor and 3070 Ti to use it at half speed!

You wouldn't be happy knowing your new 4K tv is broken and only does 1440p would you?


It's actually a killer game - it's a whole new version since I played last with new maps etc.
Just a shame that no one knows it still exists. If they did it'd be a top 10 game easily - really!

Go check it out - will cost you nothing!

@Brian Boru

See reply to @Zloth

I can tell you that it wasn't until I started using my new high refresh rate monitor that I finally understood why/how it looks/feels different and better than my old 60hz monitor!

So yeah there might be a point where the difference is imperceptible - but I'm not sure where that is for me and I just want it to work as intended!

But I get the sentiment.

cheers guys
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While you may or may not be right to a certain extent... I didn't spend all this money on a new build, high refresh rate monitor and 3070 Ti to use it at half speed!
Nah, it's not like that. It's like practicing a musical instrument. The better you become, the more music you can play well. Not better music, more music. When you become a top tier performer, there's nothing (sane) you can't play. Same with computer hardware. Having high end hardware means you can play anything out there at the highest settings and have fun. But that doesn't mean the simpler games become unfun.

America's Army came out 20 years ago. They've worked on it since then, but it's not going to take advantage of the ray tracing your card can do. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other new tech things (like having a jillion shaders) doesn't help you in the slightest, either. Going back to the music analogy, you've given your virtuoso musician a song meant for 12 year old, intermediate students. It will get played well for sure, but likely not discernably better than a college student would play it.

I think what you want is a graphics demo. Control is a good game for letting your graphics card flex its muscles - but it's still a game. The graphics are just a way to make the game a little better for people with the high end equipment. With a graphics demo, showing off is the goal. Making it interesting/pretty gets busted down to second fiddle. Download NVIDIA Tech Demos | NVIDIA Cool Stuff

P.S. This is different than 4K TVs in that it gives you something useful. ;)
I also want to point out that you should have reasonable expectations out of a 3070 Ti. I'd say it should run the crap out of America's Army. But it's not going to run every modern game at unlimited frame rates, especially at really high resolutions, like 4K, and Ultra settings. If you wanted that, you should have bought a 3090.

Having said that, the 3070 Ti is a beast, though.
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