first time pc build what do you think?

Apr 16, 2022
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I just built my first pc and my goal was to build a good pc that will last for more than 5 before i even consider upgrading again [except for the ram].
i went with an SFF, ITX NR200 case using the msi meg z690i unify motherboard, im extremely happy with the features msi put on the board and i have no complaints. I chose to go with the Intel i7 12700k and 32GB of DDR5 g.skill ripjaws s5 5200 cl36 Ram
for the cpu cooler i went with the Noctua nh-u12a cooler and this thing is just fine for the 12700k, if anything its the nr200 case that sucks. That case wasnt my first choice and i had to make a compromise because the torrent nano was just a few mm too large.
for storage i have a total of 6TBs (2tb gen4 samsung 980 pro M.2 NVMe & 4tb PNY CS2130 M.2 NVMe [i got the pny for a fantastic deal it was cheaper than the samsung 4tb 2.5" ssd new]
the one item i did get ripped off on and you can call me a sucker for is when i bought my gpu. its the msi rtx 3080 12gb z trio for 1550 usd. for powering all of this i went with the Corsair SF750

so what do you think is this a good build that will last me for several years? or am i just a sucker?

case- nr200
mobo- msi z690i unify
cpu- i7 12700k
cooler- u12a
gpu- msi 3080 12gb z trio
psu- sf750
ram- ddr5 gskill ripjaws s5 5200 cl36
storage- 2tb 980 pro m.2 nvme, 4tb pny gen3 m.2 nvme

monitor- lg 27gp83b-b
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