First build, first upgrades?


it’s been awhile since was last here.
I think my build is in my signature
I am thinking of getting a new power supply so I can keep the inside cleaner. I am thinking of a psu that is either a full or part modular. I don’t have to upgrade this, just thinking it would help with wiring.
Hi :)

While its true a modular PSU makes it easier to keep the case tidier and improve airflow and temperatures, its possible to bundle unused cables out of the way with a bit of time and care.

I would recommend spending money elsewhere before upgrading your PSU. Do you have a maximum budget? For example a larger SSD would allow you to put some games on it making load times much faster. You could probably get a 500GB one for around the price of a decent modular PSU. Then you would have a tangible effect on your systems overall performance.

I was given a brand new 1Tb hhd, where I have been installing games, and my Nan died in July last year and I stripped her pc down where I have taken her 500gb hhd and wiped and installed it into my pc.
I see, in that case if you are someone who plays a lot of different games then I stand by my recommendation of getting an SSD to install them on instead. Another option would be to save the money and put it towards a faster GPU or better screen. I would just rather put the money into things that improve your experience of actually using the machine.

However :)

I do understand the desire to tinker in your system! If you are absolutely set on a PSU something like the Corsair RMx 550 Watt is fully modular and of very good quality. It would depend on your budget also.
The only reason why I thought of a new PSU is the power cable to the hard drives on the one I have installed seems to be too small in length by a small amount they look like they aren’t in correctly and look twisted slightly. Maybe there are extenders...?
edit... I have ordered some
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It surprises me that the SATA power cable isnt long enough, but if that's the case it would annoy me too. I'm sure you can get extenders, just Google for them for a shop that will deliver to you if you want to go that way :) But then you do end up with even more cable to tie off and hide.

If you want to replace the PSU still and you have a maximum budget you want to spend, let me know what the budget is and I can suggest something else if the Corsair RMx I suggested earlier doesnt fit your budget.


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