First AAA game for my girlfriend

Jan 23, 2023
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Hello, i want to involved my girlfriend in AAA gaming. I already indroduced her with indie and sector B games like Valient hearts, portal, stradew Valley, Life is strange, stray and same others. Firstly i of course think about witcher 3, Rdr2 and As2, because this games i love, but if reflect about it.... Witcher 3 have good story, but most part of time you just ride by road or forest, Rdr2 very immerses, but problem same, nothing huppens most part of time. Meybe somethink for old Assassin`s creed part? Because gameplay and story in AS in equal parts. All in all, help me
Welcome to the forum :)

If I understand you:
♣ You don't want much traversal;
♦ You want a good story;
♥ You want a AAA game.

In that situation, I'd search for a AAA Tower Defense game, turn off the music and play a good audio book while waiting for each attack wave.

I'm not aware of a AAA Tower Defense game tho, only played a few indies, so someone else can fill in the blanks.

Good luck on your noble quest :)
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I suppose it depends as well whether a woman wants to play as a male or female character. I remember reading a feminist film critic(Laura Mulvey), who said that, and this was when it was mostly male lead heros saving heroines, that the woman should imagine themselves being the male lead.

Of course all that has changed and there are a range of female heros in films and games.

Choosing a game for someone else to play isn't easy.

I don't mind if the 'hero' protagonist is male or female.
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