Films vs Games.

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May 11, 2022
@ipman Would be fun to be a fly on the wall when they start digging in the sand and find archeological finds that are props from the Cleopatra movie and similar. Maybe they find something from the Terminator movie and go: Wow!, they were actually pretty advanced, wonder what happened...
It's an interesting idea. They still debate about some archealogical finds, when were they actually constructed and why, also they find some old interesting tech that seems advanced for the times. Hindsight is often speculative.

But I think in a few hundred years all humans will have an Elon Musk style Neuralink device and have instant access to all information.
At present I think we do mix reality and fiction when we remember. So if we think about the Vietnam war for example, we remember some of the facts, maybe how it started and finished, but our minds add films like Born on the 4th July, Apocalypse Now, etc into the mix.
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Dec 14, 2022
I constantly feel the urge to be doing something with my hands, so when I see a movie, I generally play video games instead of sitting in the theatre because I find that playing video games is more satisfying. Video games are also more immersive.
May 11, 2022
Just bringing together films and games, they are both influencing each other.

I would like to see a good 'take out the cartels' game , or a 'run a cartel game'. After remembering Scicario(and sequel).

There have been few good films; Colombiana, etc. And some games; Tom Clancy'e Ghost Recon, Call of Juarez, etc.

I've seen the film, not played the games.

I'd like to see one where they gather intel, evidence from survellance, interview suspects, work out target locations and plan attacks. But as close to reality as possible.

I'd like to see some of the choices in the planning of heists as done in GTAV, maybe switching between team members with different skills form assassin to explosives expert, to hacker to surveillance person, to a plant/spy, etc. Watchdogs style hacking and drone useage. Satellite surveillance, etc.
(so if they already exist tell us) I think it was GTAV as well, where you had to make moral choices when interviewing suspects.

Here's an idea, Stephen Spielberg's chosen director simulation game starring Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer Aniston and Penn and Teller.

Spielberg's Directors Chair.


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