Favorite Hitman Experiences

Jan 20, 2023
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With IO’s Hitman trilogy changing into “World of Assassination” and introducing the new Freelancer mode, I thought it’d be fun to revisit the game and share some fun experiences/missions/contracts :)

My personal favorite was mastering Hawke’s Bay. I know most people hate it because it’s so small and limited, but dang I loved spending a half-dozen hours learning all the ins and outs and completing almost every challenge (could never get the poison to work in the vents :confused:). I love how much attention to detail IO puts in their levels and Hawke’s Bay has a ton of fun stuff to discover (like the surprisingly long target routine). It almost makes you feel like a spy more than a hitman infiltrating the house and stealing data, clad in a shiny wetsuit. The more grounded location also makes for some awesome pictures like this:

Can’t wait to hear your favorites :D
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