Far Cry Modding

This is mainly a shout out to what appears to be a superb site for major FC mod packages—Far Cry Modding—but of course, all mod mentions are welcome.

As you can see, they have content all the way back to FC2.

There are big mod packages for the main FC games from FC4 on—ie FC4, Primal, FC5, New Dawn, FC6:
Golden Path mod
Wenja mod
Resistance mod
Scavenger mod
Libertad mod
You will see some mods on Nexus requiring one of these to be preinstalled. Of course, post about other FC mods and sources you've tried, and why you recommend for or against them.

I have used the Resistance mod extensively in FC5, and have just installed Libertad for my current FC6 play. I've posted here before about how excellent the Resistance mod is—stability, interface, docs, and great ease of use. Libertad install and mod selection just went fine for FC6, and I'll see how it plays going forward.

As of now, this has my highest recommendation—some detail to follow in later posts.
How many individual Mods?

There are probably around 100 individual mods in each package, judging by Resistance and Libertad. And of course, some of the individual mods have choices to make within them—eg increase X by 10%-25%-50%.

I don't have a handy list of my FC5 installs, but here's a list of the individual mods I just installed for FC6 from the Libertad package, to give you an idea of what's in there—I'm playing it safe for now, no complicated-looking ones or ones with dependencies on other mods.
Bigger Fog Of War Discovery
Camps First Person View
Civilians Kill Limit Remover
Customisable Autocross
Enhanced Stamina
Female Hairstyles
Improved Shotgun Spread Fc6
Keybindings Settings
Languages Libertad
Libertad Mod Splash Screen
Lightning Color
Longer Days And Shorter Nights
Manual Save Game F6
More Default Abilities
Remove Fnd Speakers
Remove Startup Videos And Epilepsy Warning
Remove Supremo Backpack
Script Functions
Weapon Fov Mod Fc6

Camps First Person View
I'm not comfy with TPP, but I can play it for a while—eg a few hours with Lara in RotTR recently. So when I say the TPP implementation in FC6 is terrible, it really is—clunkiest ever!

Manual Save Game F6
I can't wait to try this out!

Longer Days And Shorter Nights
Not a fan of dark playing areas, so days +40% and nights -40% will be welcome—altho night is well done in FC6, I haven't been annoyed by it.

Remove Startup Videos And Epilepsy Warning
Don't need it, as I don't hang around for the ~5 minutes launch time—a bunch of which is taken up by 3 separate UAC interruptions for Ubisoft Connect, which must timeout—but it can't hurt. Just tried it, staying to click on the 3 UACs, and got to main menu in less than a minute.

Remove Supremo Backpack
Should improve the aesthetics for Photo Mode—functionality remains, only a cosmetic change.


Across the top are characters DITSP? which access some main functions.

Down the left is the scrollable list of all the individual mods available to the package.
♣ Black background = I've ignored it
♦ Gold background with tick = I've successfully installed it
♥ Red background with X = I tried to install but there's a problem
♠ The problem is likely to be a dependency, ie I need to install some other mod before these can be installed—probably a script.

As you mouseover each mod in the list, the bigger section on the right changes to a description of that mod, plus any notes about it.

Another menu across the bottom. When I click on Toggle Conflicts, I see:

So obviously it's a path problem—ie the app doesn't know where the FC6 game EXE program is, gotta go fix that.

Install or Uninstall individual mods

Once setup initially, you can change which individual mods you want simply by clicking their name in the left-side list—the tick means Install, no tick means Uninstall, easy peasy. When done, click on Install in the bottom menu.
obviously it's a path problem … gotta go fix that
Not sure what's going on, but it fixed itself—it looks like all the mods are installed and working. I got some other strange messages too, so maybe the UI needs some work—or more likely, I need some work :) Anyway, don't freak out if it tells you something isn't or can't or won't—test it before you conclude whatever is broken.

Camps First Person View
Customisable Autocross
Libertad Mod Splash Screen
Longer Days And Shorter Nights
Manual Save Game F6
More Default Abilities
Remove Startup Videos And Epilepsy Warning
Remove Supremo Backpack
I noted all the above working in tonight's play—the More Default Abilities include faster movement and crouched movement, which is nice QoL. Here's a pic of Dani without Supremo Backpack, and carrying the Autocross.

Here's the Save Game screen—my 2 saves top left:

Camps First Person View
The FPP in Camp is great, I completed the make Chorizo an Amigo mission without cursing once!

Customisable Autocross
Gave this a spin, it's fine—bolts are recoverable from corpses just like arrows for the bows. However I'll likely stick with the RAT4 for my default 3rd weapon—I didn't realize it's in the game, stumbled across it in some loot—since I've now met 2 tanks twice in my travels. I hope the RAT can knock some chunks off tanks, and of course make a chopper into a dropper :)

More Default Abilities
This includes a lot more than speed increases—which I can confirm in action—here's a pic:

So yeah, seems to be working great, apart from a bit of message confusion.
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