Question Far Cry 4 - Weird shadow?

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What can i do to fix it?
You can tell us what kind of device you're playing on.
Of particular interest are:
Exact make & model of your Power Supply;
Case & cooling parts;

Graphics card;
Monitor model & Hz;
Resolution you're running at;
What graphic settings level have you enabled?

Are all drivers & BIOS up to date?

Have you tried the simple step of uninstalling and reinstalling the game?

Also, what other games play on the same device without such problems?


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Hello everyone, I have 2 problems with Far Cry 4.

1. When I stand in the shadows, everything is black and I can't see anything.

2. My map isnt showing.

What can i do to fix it? THANKS!!
Have you tried changing to a different graphics preset or to just changing everything to default?
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