Fan Speed | Blade 15 2070 MQ


Jan 27, 2020
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Posted this on the Razer but i thought I'd post on this as well. This Blade is my very first gaming laptop; shoot, it's my first PC! Anyways, I wanted to know about keeping the fans running at 5300 RPM for extended periods of time. Whenever I game, I manually have it to where as soon as I launch a game it'll kick them up to the max. This keeps my laptop cooool compared to having it on balanced mode. Balanced mode, this thing gets HOT hot. So the main question is, if I have long gaming sessions with the fan on that high, will that affect the lifespan of them? Will I have to take it into Best Buy to service it if I keep it like that? Any tips or tricks on how to keep it in the mid to high 70 degrees Celsius?! I also know about undervolting, this thing was factory uv @ -100.
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You should be informed that you're going to have to undervolt the CPU in order to run cooler temperatures. You've mentioned that the laptop came with a factory undervolt, see if you can undervolt a little more.
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