Famous Artists Pay Tribute to the King of PC Gaming, GabeN

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Jan 14, 2020
I have Starryai bookmarked, but haven't spent any time with it yet.
I found StarryAI results to be quite disappointing in comparison to Midjourney for example. A lot depends on the input, but Midjourney has a bigger potential when making art from scratch. Basically from what I've seen Midjourney gives the best results in these cases.
Well, he did make a picture of Gabe Newell eating pizza. My motivation was mostly surrounding the artists. Gabe Newell was actually my third choice after the other two didn't work out so well. But my secret motivation was educational.

I put pictures of an actual painting by each artist next to the AI's version and sat down with Guido and explained each art style and talked a little about each artist and how close the AI got to replicating the style. Guido is always a good sport about our little home schooling adventures. He doesn't complain and usually seems interested.

By the way, I'd never heard of Bitwit. Does he mostly do PC hardware/software related videos?
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May 11, 2022
That's better than the guy in the article I read the other day who paints with his willy. I'm not buying any of those paintings.
'willy' what the!

Refik Anadol(there's a more in depth vid on YT) shows us how contempory artists work. He basically has a team of AI experts and tech experts realising his vision. Tech always leads to major changes and possibilities in the arts, whether it's music production, visual arts, theatre, etc.

I find it interesting the relationship between AI and gaming. How AI is tested against different games and our best human players, whether it's chess, GO or Dota.
I also like it that human players learn from AI as it's not limited to human thinking patterns.



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