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Dec 12, 2021
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I know this is probably quite simple, but I don't really know too much about laptops.

I have a Dell SSD laptop, which is mainly used to play Football Manager and Sims, but have ran out of storage to be able to add new games.

Can I store my games on an external drive, or SD card or even USB stick to create extra space? And will any of them cause problems when I'm playing the games in terms of speed, etc?

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If your games are via Steam, see this thread:

Note the warning about the performance hit from an external drive.
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Dec 13, 2021
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Some games might pitch a fit if they were installed as a stand alone program and have system files that windows needs. But if they use a platform you should be fine. I don't know about Origin but Steam will let you run games off an external drive. The main thing is to use a USB 3.1 enclosure. Gen 1 is good enough for a single HDD which most games are fine with. To get the most out of a SSD you'll need Gen 2 which some games (like CP2007) really need.
Does PC gaming always surpass the tech mounted in the latest consoles?
Not always. For example, if you can get one of the new consoles now, you'll probably be ahead of gamers who build their own systems and can't currently get a graphics card for a decent price.

Also, last console gens have been becoming more like PCs, so the difference is decreasing. Of course, after a new console launch, it will gradually lose ground as new PC tech becomes available every year for players to upgrade.

Consoles like the new Steam Deck should be very like PCs—I haven't paid any attention to it, but I'm almost certain it can play [a lot of?] Windows games. Maybe it can plug into a PC also, or stream from one, that would be a logical thing to do.


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