Expeditions Rome Demo - Turn-based, party-based cRPG

I thoroughly enjoyed this demo. The turn-based combat was kind of basic, but these were the first missions of the game, so I didn't really have anything unlocked. It's a standard action point and talent system. You can move a certain distance without using your action point, but your attacks (or other talents) use your action point. Each talent can only be used once a turn, but you may get an additional action point for certain behaviors.

There are 4 character classes, each with 3 subclasses. The classes boil down to fighter, rogue, archer, and support (can buff, debuff or heal depending on your subclass). You also get to choose what type of conversationalist you are, whether you try to use emotion, for instance, when you are trying to sway people.

You have the option to turn on permadeath and iron man, but even if you don't turn on permadeath, random non-story party members can die permanently in fights if you don't stabilize them after they go down (or end the fight quickly enough).

Being a Roman, I decided to draw inspiration from a Monty Python scene and named my character Bigusdikus (you could only use so many letters). I got great pleasure from this during conversations, as is befitting my 10-year-old mental age. Then I found out we were sailing to the Isle of Lesbos....

Anyway, the writing during the demo portions was good, and there were significant decisions to make, and it was just pretty fun overall. If you like cRPG's, you might want to give the demo a try. The full game comes out this month.

Edit: Oh, there were also 4 different game difficulties ranging from easy to insane, if that makes a difference to you.
Jan 11, 2022
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I look forward to giving this one a go. I always did like Expeditions: Conquistador, but didn't feel the same about Viking.

I had the exact same experience, Expeditions: Conquistador was excellent, but in Expeditions: Vikings it felt like the developers had a completely different opinion than me on what had worked and almost every change felt like a downgrade.

Thanks for the heads-up as well, hopefully Expeditions: Rome will be closer to the first game than the second one.