Doom: Annihilation

I just watched it on Netflix. I don't even know how long it's been out. Just was there on my main page when I sat down for a big lunch.

Anyway, it was boring. It wasn't really bad. Just boring. The acting was mostly competent, but characters were shallow, story was as simple as it gets (which I guess at least you can say is that it isn't confusing), and the action is, well, basic.

You can skip it. Even the BFG 9000 reveal was pretty underwhelming.
As i've previously said the BFG looked plastic and had no weight to it, I only watched it out of curiosity, movies I had previous low expectations for have suprised me, this one on the other hand didn't.
It was sloppy, low produced and I'm certainly it was an entirely different movie given the Doom name for sales alone.

Agreed it was easily to follow, shame that isn't a good thing in this movies case.