Doom 3 DirectX Raytracing

OsaX Nymloth

Community Contributor
Kinda wish you could also make all the effects like imp's fireballs rendered and "traced" as well. That would surely look interesting!
As for now this is more like a proof of concept? I really like how some people experiment with raytracing for older games and I even wrote a whole piece wondering about what older games could benefit most from it. Mirror's Edge anyone? ;)

Still cool! But I think shiny UAC base in Doom looks kinda...wrong wink wink ;)


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It's interesting to see older games receive RT support. I loved the new effects in Quake 2. It looks interesting and promising in Doom 3 as well. I wonder whether Doom Eternal will receive official RT support. id Software announced that RT will be implemented some time after the release date, but it's quiet since then...