Don't sleep on Citizen Sleeper

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Dec 9, 2019
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In case people haven't heard of it, Citizen Sleeper is a new game where you play a sleeper—a synthetic person with no human rights created by a corporation to essentially be a slave. You've escaped to a space station that was taken over by refugees, pirates, and the descendants of workers from before the collapse of the corporation who owned it. Now, you hide and try to get by.

The way it works is every day-cycle you roll a bunch of six-sided dice, and each one can be spent to perform an activity. You might explore part of the station, work a shift at some crummy job, and try to clear a ruined part of the station to call your own. The real meat of it though is the stories of characters you meet on the station.

I wouldn't recommend it to people for whom Disco Elysium was too much reading, because it's all text. You talk to mercenaries and scavengers and criminals, get to know their stories, and maybe help each other scrounge together a life. The tone's very cyberpunk, quite grimy, but with hope and heart to it. I wrote a review of it last week, but I wanted to make sure more people were aware of it because it's pretty special.


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Interesting. I could swear I've heard of that "roll a bunch of dice then spend them" mechanic getting used before, but I can't find a game like that now. (Beyond just using it character generation, I mean.)

P.S. "A couple of typos and a fair few punctuation errors mark the text..." I think that's "mar"
Been focusing dice on what seems most dangerous and trying to make a little money for medicine. Levelled up every skill to +1 yesterday, no idea whats the optimal way to get through it but it seems fairly forgiving, failing just branch the story a different way. At least I haven't found a hard dead end fail yet.

Current situation is
do I get in with the heavies who ghosted the doctor to protect myself against the hunter who's coming and keep the meds flowing. Or will Feng actually come through with something to help me before he gets us both killed in the green zone.

I seem to have a thing for games styled after tabletop RPG dice or card games, played a lot of Slay the Spire, quite a bit of Cultist Simulator, and now this really grabbed me. Few hours of Stacklands too, still going back to that sometimes.
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