Do you ever want to use examples from games in everyday conversations...

and then stop...for a variety of reasons maybe. (realizing no one would have any idea what you were talking about, knowing that telling a non-gamer about a game is like telling them about a dream--they don't care)

I have a Chamber of Commerce lecture to give tomorrow, and there were a couple of times when I thought a game reference would fit nicely, but I ultimately scrubbed them. Just didn't feel right.

But it also comes up just in everyday conversation, where I want to mention something from a game, but my internal editor won't let me do it.
Just go for it Zed, I'm sure there's at least one person in the chamber of commerce with an amputee fetish who'll get your Katawa Shoujo reference.

I never really feel the impulse to use the pop culture of video games as conversational touchstones, only because I don't actually have any PC gaming friends IRL any more. Even the handful of console gamers I work with are too young to have the same frame of reference as me, if I start down that road they'll start dabbing and yeeting and whatnot and my heart couldn't take that.
Perhaps you could mold the mentions to work in your favor, without anyone knowing the backstory.

To take an example. I was told a story about several blind people who had a task to figure out what they were touching. One person would experience something and the next something else, and together they would gradually work out what they were feeling - an elephant. They all knew something about the animals, but together they would figure it out. So, perhaps that is also the way you could go with using experiences from video games.
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