Do you ever "cheese it"?

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Yeah, I see your point and agree. But mine conform to the OP, so I'm happy with 'em.

Yes, I know I'm taking advantage of the thread's mechanics and OP's quirks to defeat your response—if you don't like that, brie it on!
You know I keep a magnifying lens by my computer? That was hilarious, though.

His definition is nothing. You always exploit the game's mechanics.
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Here's one I posted as part of one of the 'from our forum' bits in a PC Gamer article:

Why I would nev... oh, actually yeah, and recently. I was playing Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children and got a mission where two of my characters had to fight the other seven. Rough odds, but you're given a really good position and I was sure I could play my characters way better than some AI. See, look at that! Stupid AI is sending cute little Anne, our expert healer, out in front of everyone else!

So, naturally, I gunned her down. Then I got reminded of a skill I slotted for her called Vengeful Spirit. Anyone that KOs Anne becomes possessed, giving me control of the killer just like any of my other characters for three turns. Except now Anne is under AI control and the power I put in to punish any miserable AI cretin that would attack an innocent, young girl has now turned one of my two characters against the other - leading to a quick mission fail and making me miserable. Worse yet, there's no straightforward defense against the Vengeful Spirit power. There's probably a way to confuse somebody on the other team and trick them into KO'ing Anne, or maybe I could send a pet out then un-summon the pet when it got possessed. I didn't bother, though. I just switched Anne's skill board to one that was completely empty.

Got an achievement for beating the mission on hard difficulty. It tasted like ash. (Mental note: stop eating achievements.)
May 11, 2022
Bethesda games will gladly cheese themselves so yeah I've done it and I'll do it again. Don't get stuck on a knee high bush if you don't wanna get teh pewpew.

Milsims and tactical shooters are often like this too. Head clipping through a door? Why waste a flashbang? More often then not all the other enemies will follow the same path so everyone gets teh pewpew. Arma 3 is hilarious, glitched stepping out of a humvee LOL pewpew for you.
Apparently, "cheesing it" is a gaming slang for cheating in a game to get through a boss encounter or difficult battle, though I think a more appropriate meaning would be exploiting a games mechanics, AI, or environment to defeat that boss (or any difficult battle).
One could as well say, there's a reason it's called cheesing, and NOT cheating. Let the idiots that aren't observant or intelligent enough to notice AI weaknesses that can be exploited think it's cheating. They're really just overcompensating for not being smart enough to figure the game out.

I really only use cheesing if the developer makes certain bosses really bullet spongy, which I'm OK with in a shooter game, but in a survival horror game where resources are limited, not so much. I'm also OK with it if the boss takes time to kill due to needing to go through several phases with the help of a squad, like the battle against the Swarmak in GoW 4. This can be a tough fight on Insane difficulty, but when you consider your squad mates can revive one another, there are ample ammo caches, and the fight can be done without shooting all blisters, it's perfectly fine for it to be hard. Shooting all blisters really only makes it even harder since you have to take fire getting to certain vantage points, and each blister popped takes you to another phase that adds ground troops. The alternative way is to stay at a distance in the center and blast the hell out of it's belly for several minutes. You won't get the checkpoints this way, but it's a lot less to manage. This method isn't so much a cheese as an alternative tactic.

There are bosses in some games I have no problem cheesing though, like the Waterwheel boss in RE Village, and Moreau in the same game. The Waterwheel boss can be cheesed by luring him (by shooting at him) to the rooftop of the house near where he attacks you, then positioning yourself on the edge of the roof on the far side of the chimney from where you climb the ladder. This makes him stay on the roof edge on the other side of the chimney, without enough roof between the chimney and roof's edge for him to cross over to you. He'll just keep swatting at you a couple times then fall to his face, at which point he's still and open for headshots. I once had him climb up the roof and come around to my side though, so it's not a 100% cheese.

The Moreau boss fight in the drained swamp on Village of Shadows difficulty can take 40 minutes or more by conventional means, even if you shoot all the explosive barrels when he's near them. There's a simple trick to lure him into getting stuck on the corner of those buildings that have a sort of corner porch, with a supporting post at the very corner of the roof. He gets wedged into that spot and can't get free, whereby it's easier to get in close shots at Moreau when the beast opens it's mouth. You're still going to drain a ton of your ammo even with this cheese though, and it takes at least 13-14 min.
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there's a reason it's called cheesing, and NOT cheating
Exactly, which was my point in making this thread months ago. It's being able to take advantage of a game's design to win a difficult battle or beat a certain "boss" type character.

As with my original example of the Adra Dragon (and your example of the Waterwheel boss of RE Village), I took advantage of the level design to get myself in position where I could attack the dragon and all his minions with ranged weapons & AOE spells, yet he couldn't attack me. Any minions that approached my position were cut down trying to climb single file up a narrow set of stairs. It wasn't "cheating", but it was definitely a "cheese" tactic, taking advantage of terrain and enemy AI.

I really only use cheesing if the developer makes certain bosses really bullet spongy,
Same here, it's not a tactic I seek to do unless a battle or boss just becomes so oppressive and difficult that I'll try to find a "cheesy" tactic to get through it.
Same here, it's not a tactic I seek to do unless a battle or boss just becomes so oppressive and difficult that I'll try to find a "cheesy" tactic to get through it.
Well, for me, as far as that aforementioned Swarmak boss fight where you have to destroy generators one at a time to shock it, making more blisters appear, I really was trying to capture it using that conventional method on Inconceivable. Reason being, it's a far more intricate and interesting looking battle when you do it that way, and once you get the hang of it, it's just doable enough, especially with the checkpoints. I was set on capturing the whole game on Inconceivable in fact, but the part that made me literally give up on continuing to play on Inconceivable was the damned segment on the bike where you're trying to evade the cargo plane turrets and incendiary bombs. That was the most ridiculous part of the game, and there was no way to cheese it. Had they just added a checkpoint after blowing the plane's engines, and not insisted on the plane sometimes dropping two incendiaries side by side that blocked nearly the whole path making it hard as hell to swerve around them, I would have had no problem with it. I've seen even some of the best players like Seraphim17 cuss at that level for how ridiculous it is on Inconceivable mode.

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