Disintegration Technical Beta today?

Just hopped up on Steam today there is a "technical beta" available to play (downloading it now). Came outta nowhere for me. It's 3gb and has liek 1day 10 hours left. I'm curious how much it will contain being so small but I imagine it will give you a good idea of the gameplay.
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I played a few rounds. I didn't think much of it. Your grav cycles are slow, shooting felt weak, and the ground troop part felt awkward. I am not much of a PvP player so I am not the one to comment on its potential, but this isn't going to bring me to the table.
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I tried it for three rounds and it was pretty lackluster. Clunky displacement/navigation of troops, the main ship controls very bad, especially when you take into consideration the extremely small maps you are navigating through. Maybe this could be something with MUCH bigger maps or at least with a good chunk of the vertically placed objects removed. As of now, it feels like dragging your ship through the mud and lacking any good focus of your surroundings. Also, the cash shop leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
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Dec 9, 2019
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I kinda thought it might fail to impress. Haven't heard much in the way of really positive reaction to it at this point. Hopefully the testing will enable the devs to tune it into something more engaging. (And I haven't played it, which is why I asked. I'm curious but not quite curious enough to dive in at this point.)