Disable unneeded PC Processes quickly

With modern games, the more PC resources you can dedicate to the game, the better the performance can be. However, going thru Task Manager to figure out which ones, and then do the dance of disable and later re-enable is impractical as an ongoing solution.

I also have every unnecessary process on my computer turned off when I play. HP gives you a handy tool to either turn them off one by one or as a whole. The nice thing about it compared to using task manager is that they know which things don't need to be open, whereas a lot of those processes I have to look up.
Now that's how it should be done, I want that for my non-HP!

So, anyone know of reliable tools or [maybe PowerShell] scripts to achieve this? I found this from years ago, any of these still fit the bill?
Windows Game Mode? Apparently it pauses updates and unnecessary background processes when it detects a game is being played. There were complaints about it when it first forced itself on a couple of years ago, but recently seems to be fine.

I'm suspicious of 3rd party 'game boosters' as in the past theyve always caused more troubles than they've claimed to solve for me. I mean, its a process or several that needs to be running itself.
Never had any luck with game boosters myself. I just go over the Task Manager and remove permanently any programs I don't use. Most of the programs that are idling are lightweight though, so I rarely see any decrease in performance and they shouldn't be doing that either. If you have a resource slug of a program, it is probably not worth having in the first place if it is like that when you don't use it. Often you install software when getting a new mouse, or headset or want to control lighting on different stuff and instead of having those programs there idling, just use a color scheme you like and kill them afterward.

Don't use McAfee, Norton, or any resource hogs like that. To be honest, you don't really need anything else than Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, but I guess that also depends on what kind of sites you frequent.

My best tip, even if it is not a perfect recipe: Go over every program in TM, find out what they do, and if you really need them. That way you'll be able to clean up a lot of old stuff that has been there forever.


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