CS:GO Ak47 skin sells for nearly 160k

What do you think of skins (in-game cosmetics) selling for this much?

The skin is priced this high because of the ultra-rare stickers on the gun called "Holos" that are from 2014 and are extremely rare and unavailable.

Still this is insane but im sure most of the 160k came from selling other skins

For reference the most expensive CSGO skin is going for about 1.5 million.

A list of the most expensive skins:

Its honestly mind-blowing to me even if i know the reasoning.
as much as a waste of money as any other type of collection
Yeah, stop dissing my couple of thousand video games—I'm not actually as stupid as I play on the internet :D

$160K totally depends on how much $ the buyer has lying around. If they took out a second mortgage to fund it, then I raise an eyebrow. If they have $10m, I yawn.
Theres other elements that add to people spending this money i didnt mention like clout, which is a huge thing for people who are rockin expensive skins on their hands, knives, guns etc. even if they are only worth even like 50-300 hundred bucks.

I regret spending about £70 on csgo loot boxes. I haven't paid for a loot box in any game since.

I try not to judge peoples decision to spend but if I had 160k it would go on something physical.

Ive spent a little more than that (£ 70) on them, but i did manage to get a pair of gloves to drop from one in which i was able to sell and make my money back but i stopped after that cause i felt i wouldnt get lucky enough again lol.
Spending $160 K on some digital code for an in-game item, cosmetic or otherwise is beyond my comprehension. How much difference is there between doing that and buying an NFT, which @Kaamos_Llama mentioned? What makes a person want to do that? Is it prestige, or getting a completive edge in an online game? It's just totally bizarre to me that there are those that will go to such extremes for a game, much like people that will spend over $100 K on Super Bowl tickets.

Myself, I won't even buy a DLC that's cosmetic, or weapon/armor pack. I do have a weakness for "collector's editions " of certain games, but those always contain physical trinkets in addition to any digital rewards, but even then I feel a bit guilty for spending that kind of money on a game, even though they're single player-type games.
In my opinion, it's as much as a waste of money as any other type of collection, like stamps or coins, that get put into a book or safe or something and are only taken out to show off occasionally.
Sort of, but Valve is rumored to be making a sequel. What are you going to do with your weapon skin when no one is playing the game anymore? At least with my coin collection, they are always relevant and available.
Jun 27, 2023
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The idea of paying that amount of money for a bunch of pixels, regardless of how well-off you are is incredibly insane. Even if in @Brian Boru example of having £10,000,000 lying around. That's still £160,000 you could put towards helping people who are sick, homeless, starving & so on.

Loot-boxes need to be banned & removed from gaming entirely, they're just another money grab from an already rich Publisher/Developer. If they actually invested the money earned into extra content that was then pumped out for free for the fans & supporters it wouldn't be so bad. But we all know that isn't the case...