Crysis Remastered Trilogy

Well, the 2nd and 3rd game have been released and Crytek did an excellent job with both, better than the first one imo. I'm gonna grab some screen shots and upload when i can, just wasn't sure if people even knew they dropped. I am also able to run them very stable with max settings with a 3070ti and an i74790k, so its not all cpu bottlenecked like Far Cry 6 is and even the first Crysis. These 2 run really nice.
Looking forward to your further reports :)
Shame they didn't include Warhead, that was better than the original imo—but hey, still looked great in its original state when I replayed earlier this year.

So that's a 4th-gen i7 CPU you're using, right?

Previous short thread:
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Thanks for ending the other thread! Again, sorry about not seeing it. I actually havent seen much about its release, i wonder if PCG is going to review them soon.

So that's a 4th-gen i7 CPU you're using, right?

Yes, and it runs this game really well for me with my 3070ti mainly because its reliant on the GPU, unlike Far Cry 6 where i only average like 60 FPS at1440p with a mix of high/ultra settings.
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