Command & Conquer Remastered a resounding success

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…made me get the spade out. I dug up an August 2020 interview with EA producer Jim Vessella "jimtern", who was the passionate community-friendly driving force behind the project.

"it's fair to say Command & Conquer Remastered Collection was a resounding success"
"a hit with fans and critics alike when it launched in June - and it saw big sales on Steam"
"We were in the top of the Steam sales charts for a few weeks"

While there's no commitment for the future I've heard of, that article looks pretty positive—but we must allow that it's colored by Jim's obvious passion for C&C. Seems safe to say there's no reason to be discouraged, and the public reaction could indeed hardly be better—currently 91% positive from 19K Steam users & 82% on Metacritic.

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Interesting that Petroglyph are breaking off their current project because they were "approached by a publisher to work on an exciting new game that has required all our available resources"

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So it seems I was wrong. I missed the period when the game was on the bestsellers list on Steam somehow. It's good to know that the remasters were a success. This gives a chance that the next installments will be refreshed as well!
Steam's lists are usually regional so it might not have been on the list very long (or at all) for you.
Aug 12, 2021
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I am a real big fan of Command And Conquer Generals.
It is very disappointing that there won't be Generals 2
In addition Red alert 2 and 3 are very nice.
but for C&C Remastered I don't really see it enjoyable.
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