Question Chess Game with a storyline

Mar 2, 2022
I've been really into chess lately, and i'm improving and all but I'm kinda getting bogged down in the analytical, memorization and cognitive aspects. So kinda looking for an alternative to chessable and doing just straight up puzzles. Like maybe an RPG or something like that with chess as the main point, maybe like chess as the battle simulator, that'll let me improve my chess but still indulge my fantasy-loving self
i've had a quick google and heres one that might fit the bill:

As for a proper game that teaches you chess and has a story mode? i remember seeing something back in the early 2004-2006. i downloaded it as a sort of demo as part of my university assignment as reference material. it sort of taught you chess tactics and had a puzzle element to it and if you succeeded you earned pieces on the final board to help to succeed. Unfortunately the name of the game eludes me as i concentrated on the chessmaster series instead...
Yeah I got started with Chesstaria, but it doesnt run too well on my computer

a quick search on steam does bring up some other options:

The chess Brain series (puzzle game with chess pieces. no story element alas)

Chesslocke - standard chess with special abilities! Does have some RPG elements where surviving chess pieces get exp

mad chess

Chess evolved online
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