Changing components in a Lenovo computer

Jul 13, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Lenovo branded computer, not a laptop. Over time, I realize that aesthetically it was not really to my liking. Therefore, I thought about changing the case to update it. In addition to changing the case, I also intend to change the motherboard because it's a special one that only fits with this case, the power supply because it is currently 270 watts, but also the CPU cooling because it is an Intel stock cooler.

Finally it's a little update that I would like to bring to him. Now that I have set the context, my question is: by changing the parts that I stated previously, and checking the compatibility of the elements that I already have, would I have, in your opinion, any problems with these changes?

Informations about the computer :
Lenovo IdeaCenter T540-15ICK G
GTX 1650

Thank you for your answers :)
Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

With all due respect, you shouldn't be doing that much of an overhaul on a prebuilt, considering you're only driving your return on investments towards negative. In fact if you do the math, you're going to be in better hands building a system brand new with the parts you're looking to upgrade with as opposed to upgrading a prebuilt.
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