Can pc’s be good second hand?

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Apr 7, 2022
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So I am planning to buy a pc but I dont have a great budget so I decided I will buy one second hand. I am planning to buy something that costs 7000₺ (480$). And a lot of pc’s have great specs like 4 gb graphic cards, 16 or 8 gigs of ram and intel i7 and what not. Do you think I can rely on a second hand gaming pc for work and mid tier gaming?
Second hand often times will mean you're buying someone else's mistake. Best not to do that. There's also the matter that in the past people tend to hide if there's anything wrong with the platform that's being sold. With the way the world has been since the pandemic, that behavior is now the norm where people try to scrape ever dollar off the unsuspecting fella.
You can ask the seller if you can test PC before you buy it. Then put a few programs on a USB and run them, if they let you. If they don't I would question if I bought it.

Second hand really depends how previous owner treated PC. I have given all my old PC to a friend and the last one I gave him only just stopped working a few weeks ago, and it was 14 years old at time. It was only 7 when I gave it to him.

I suspect if PC is only a few years old its a lottery as to whether its good or not. If it was a gaming machine it might be suffering now.
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