Question Call of duty Vanguard is good or not? tell me what do you think

Jan 6, 2022
Review on Call of Duty - the graphics are really good on the game and the multiplayer version of the game is also really good but there are some parts of the game where it lags and there are many hackers that are involved in the game and because of that it is really hard to get the game going.
Nov 26, 2021
I enjoy it, but it's not really an essential instalment to the franchise. I disagree about it looking good; its an improvement over Black Ops: Cold War, but doesn't look much better than 2019's Modern Warfare. I've not seen many hackers and I've got the ability to play the game full-time, so I'm either incredibly lucky or incredibly naive. I've not yet played the campaign, but I can see myself having an OK time with it, but nothing more.

And that's Vanguard in a nutshell: it's OK. If you absolutely need your CoD fix and you're bored to the back teeth with previous installment, it's fine. Adequate. Suitable. But it's neither great nor terrible.


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