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Jan 3, 2020
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My son has been a console gamer for a very long time but he's looking to make the switch to PC gaming. I'd love to get him a new desk and chair when he makes the jump... but I'm on a budget.

I'm also concerned about his posture and everything too, as he games for long hours. In the past it didn't matter as much because he was a child and they're basically like Gumby, but now that he's older and about to move out on his own I'd like to help him get set up for success, lol.

tl;dr: Any suggestions for desk, chair, keyboard, etc for someone just starting out on PC gaming, that are both ergonomic AND don't break the bank?
I'm an architect by education and I've said this quite a lot, I tend to make my own furniture and hand pick my chairs or buy a chair that keeps the back as straight as possible :p Just make sure your son's back is as upright as possible. Chairs with lumbar support is a plus. Perhaps an adjustable desk setup would help(ones that can be height adjusted but they cost a pretty penny although they can be cited as a life ling investment since you can stand up during sessions and also be seated). You could also look at Ikea's Butcher block block table tops and trestles. How tall is he?

Budget for your furniture? Preferred site for purchase?
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Hello there @MHaag:)

There was another person asking about how to pick a chair, so I'll start with including some of what I mentioned to him:

  • Comfortable armrests that have good/ok adjustments
  • A chair that can take your weight
  • Not to hard seat (some like it, I don't)
  • Being able to tilt/lean the chair
  • Removable cushions for your neck/back - VERY important!
  • Solid fabric/easy to clean
  • Durability
  • Big and sturdy wheels
If you do not want anything too new and expensive, I would definitely recommend looking for a used gaming chair that is either DX Racer or Arozzi Vernazza (I talked a little about some drawbacks on the Arozzi in the linked post, so you might want to look at that if the brand is interesting). Those tend to be expensive new, but they are both very good when it comes to the majority of the points I mentioned above and should last a looooong time. My nephew got my old DX Racer chair three years ago and still not been any problem with it.

@Lutfij That is exactly how I sit whenever I drive. Straight up and preferable as close to the steering wheel as possible.

Just get some type of IKEA desk. The desk does not really matter that much from my own experience. The most important thing is that there is a lot of space for moving the legs. The worst possible scenario would be buying something with a drawers centered just above the legs. A big table with a lot of space under and that would be good for legs and for putting the computer on the table as a way of preventing dust accumulation over time.

I would recommend getting a keyboard with a wrist rest. I use one myself and it is comfortable when you on the computer for several hours. As for the keyboard brand, I am not really sure. There seems to be quite a lot of sales on these types of accessories. I would recommend going for mechanical keys though as they are better for feedback when playing games, especially fps games.
IRL, I drive and operate that way too...if I slouch a little towards the screen, that's when my neck starts crying.

I'll put some argument towards buying just any desk...since the height at which a keyboard should be, should be the same height that you're very comfortable writing on a notebook. It's also why I asked about the height of her son. I will need to find some time to dig that link up, that shows the right height for typing and writing with respect to height of any individual. Though you have a solid point with the drawers - I have them offset on all of my desks. The desk my folks gave me had drawers that were exactly above my thighs so the leg space was cramped and had to hunch forward to write well - that's what caused some issues with my (body)frame.

Edit: found it!

Memory foam keyboard wrist rests as well as a big mouse pad to cushion the hand. I wish I could post the desks I made here but sadly their design's would be ...ripped off :p
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It doesn't have adjustable armrests, but from what I understand this chair from IKEA does pretty well. ($200)

Then from Microsoft itself, they have an ergonomic keyboard. It's not mechanical or a gaming keyboard by any means but if your son really plays long sessions with the ergonamic shape. link ($60)

As for desk , I agree with @Frindis . But I'd check the depth of the desk, I don't think it's too healty if you put your nose about in your monitor. It's also nice to be able to stretch your arms for a bit while gaming if you wish.

Keep in mind though: The best sitting position is the next one! (Always change your position a bit after a while). A human body is not made for sitting for long hours anyway.
@Inspireless Llama I did own that IKEA chair some time back and I cannot recommend it. The armrest was not adjustable as you mentioned and the armrest was not comfortable for me being a bit too narrow and hard. It also got embedded lumbar support and that started to hurt my back over time. Some might like this, but I personally prefer to have the removable option.
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