Question Brand New PC wont post,or boot.

Jan 7, 2022
Hey Guys.
First of all,please dont kill me for my bad Laungage usahe.
My problem is this:
I bought a half pc from local shop,i assembled my pc.
When i turn on the pc,all coolers are start spinning,but i got black screen.
I try 2 gpus,each memory stick in each memory slot,restart bios,clear cmos,new cmos battery.
The pc:i3 10100f
Asus B460m-a motherboard
GSKILL 2x8 3200mhz memory(the board support max is 2933mhz)
Cooler Master Elite V3 600w
Any help?🥺
Jan 7, 2022
Welcome to the forum :)

Is there a graphics card?

What's your monitor, and what kind of connections between it & PC—connectors both ends and cable + adapter used.

The CPU dont have igpu,but i tried with my own dedicated card.
I tried to connect it with HDMI straight from the gpu to the monitor.
I also try with dvi,but i used a adapter from dvi to vga.
Nothing change.