Question Bought my first pc. What about WiFi?

Feb 18, 2021
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I bought my first prebuilt pc and I set it up in my bedroom upstairs. Our internet router is downstairs in the office right below me, so I usually have good WiFi when playing games.

I am trying to connect my pc to our internet, but it doesn’t show up. Now that got me thinking...was I supposed to buy a WiFi adapter? My assumption was my pc could just connect to the WiFi downstairs after I turned it on.

I clicked on troubleshoot, and my pc says I need to plug in an Ethernet into the network adapter. Obviously I can’t do this since our internet is downstairs. I guess I need a wireless adapter, right?

If that’s true, does anyone know of any good adapters for gaming?

**NOTE** I am (was) a console player. So I’m used to having my system automatically show available networks to connect to. Also don’t know anything pc lol


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