Question Best way to expand laptop storage??

Aug 15, 2020
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I am not very knowledgeable on computers in general, but am, and have been a huge fan of sims 3 which i still play often. I used to play on a desktop which had plenty of storage to play many expansion packs simultaneously with high resolution and no lagging. Now, on my windows surface pro, it can obviously not handle all of this. It is slow and I can only play 3 expansion packs at once with lower resolution for the graphics. I need suggestions on the best way to have plenty of storage so my game runs like it used to. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE 🙏🏼
I believe that depends on the exact model of surface pro you have. Some require complex disassembly including removal of the screen to access the storage to replace it.

If the device has a USB port you could get an external SSD and install and run the game off that presumably.

Running it off an SD card wouldn't be a good move.

That helps if you have run out of space for the game's files, but as for general performance you're limited by the basic graphics of the surface pro, which may be weaker than what you had in your old desktop.


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