Best 50mm or Bigger Headphones Recommendations

Apr 17, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I am posting here because I need help. I want to upgrade from my HyperX Revolver S headphones, but I am not sure if I should or which ones I should purchase.

My budget is $400.00, I prefer 50mm or bigger headphones. As I find most 40mm headphones to be uncomfortable for my ears.

I keep looking at the Orbit S, but I am under the impression that they require charging, even though they are wired headphones.

Thank you, everyone, for your help in this.
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Saw you were getting some advice on Anandtech as well

If I was ever shopping for headphones in that kind of price range I'd probably go to head-fi first:

Not that you shouldn't have asked here or anything, you're very welcome :D just that since responses here have been a bit quiet you might want to try them too! The level of knowledge on the subject there is pretty mind blowing, to someone like me anyway
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Apr 8, 2020
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This isn't quite a recommendation, but right this moment I'm wearing a set of Hifiman HE-400i headphones.

These are not "gaming" headphones; there's no integrated microphone and they're strictly stereo, but they are fantastic. That goes for games, music, video -- it's all great. Very sharp, detailed sound with full-bodied bass that doesn't overdo itself.

The earpads also have to be replaced every year or so, which is annoying and costs ~$20 every time. At least they're detachable.

With that in mind, my advice is to consider non-gaming oriented headphones alongside what you're already considering. Additionally, longevity is another factor to keep an eye on.
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