Battlefield V


I'm curious if you think it's worth playing either or both:

A) The Solo Campaign
B) The Multiplayer

I've read a lot of reviews saying that the Multiplayer is pointless cause there is so much cheating... is that true?

Also, I've read that the Solo Campaign is good; but full of glitches that ruin the game.
I am most interested in the Solo Campaign so very curious to hear if it's worth playing?

Anything else worth mentioning regarding either?

BTW - I'm looking at trying one or two of these Battlefield games - that's why I'm here...
I've only ever played 1-3 hours of the Solo Campaign for Battlefield 3 - and that was pretty fun (not perfect - but still fun)... so that's my only exposure so far.

I have EA Play (not Pro) - via Xbox Game Pass for PC - and they have a few of them - but from what I've read - this and Battlefield 1 - look like the 'more recent/less badly aged/better rated/less dead server-ed' games that I can play for free?

Which Battlefield games do you suggest from those that I can choose from?
Please comment on both Solo Campaigns, Multiplayer, Glitches and whatever else matters?

Thank you for your help


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Battlefield V is honestly my favorite (I know this is an unpopular opinion), but I have more fun with it than 2042 and BF4 and earlier feel dated to me. I don't play the single player campaign because shooting AI opponents isn't nearly as fun as human ones.

The movement mechanics in BFV are really unmatched, and the maps are actually very well designed. As far as I know it's free on gamepass so give it a shot.

Side note: Firestorm was actually an incredible battle royale mode with a poor looting system, but you really won't be able to play it now cause the servers are barren. Stick with something like Grand Operations to find fun servers that play on a variety of maps.
I would suggest playing the BF5 campaign. I never encountered any game breaking bugs that i can recall playing it, but i felt it couldve been longer, but i feel that way for most of the new BF games anyways. I played 1 or 2 matches of its MP dont recall running into cheaters but its just your average WW2 MP game but its battlefield.

I would 100% suggest BF1's campaign. Mainly because of the era its set in (WW1). And i had an absolute blast with its MP (100+ in the ranks before stopping, not sure how high it goes). Didnt encounter many cheaters, but i just had fun with its environments and weapons. There are so many WW2 games and modern FPS that a WW1 take was refreshing for me.

Have had no interest in BF2042 because theres no solo campaign. Id suggest BF4,3 etc. too at least just a play through of their campaigns.
From what I played of 5 I didn't feel like people were hacking. I just felt like I was rusty and sucked at BF games since it had been years.

I would of played it more, but I don't know anyone that plays it. My uncle and cousin do more BF4 still and sadly my father has been slowly dying since last year and he was the only one I played BF games with as a team..... so BF just doesn't do it for me anymore sadly. Just feels hollow without my dad.
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