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So I've finally invested a little in a PC I'm hoping to build up and replace parts etc, I got this ex display: BATTLEBOX

I think I may have either installed the wrong drivers or not understood properly, but the audio only comes out of a plugged in headphone (and its very tinny) - would this not have a built in speaker? I need some time to properly go through all the bits and pieces - and I don't mind getting one, but if something is broken like a soundcard or something isn't plugged in properly I'd rather work it out :)
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I can only see the 7.1 High Definition Audio integrated soundcard which means you need an external speaker if you do not have a display with integrated speakers. Could be I am also misunderstanding something here as I am typing this before running to town, but the experts should be close by for further assistance;)
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but the audio only comes out of a plugged in headphone (and its very tinny)
(Assuming you're not referring to your headphones are tiny in-ear earphones...)if the audio level is too low, in spite of the volume being turned up to the max(100%) you might want to try and reinstall you audio drivers.
if display has speakers it will use HDMI audio from the Nvidia card.

PC normally don't come with speakers, only laptops and smaller are fully self contained
All in one PC might have speakers as they just bigger versions of laptops.

wonder if its using Realtek drivers or Microsoft -

audio drivers can be a pain to get right. I generally leave audio alone as you can make it worse.


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