BA(Hons) Thesis Survey - Player Retention

Dec 27, 2023
Hello all!

I am pleased to have joined the forum, as a final year games design student, part of my assessment is my thesis in which I am looking into the techniques used to increase player retention (making games better for the player) if you could spare 5 short minutes I am conducting a survey which will help me in finding out how well different techniques work in the real world XD

You can take part here.

I thank you for any contributions made, the paper will be released to the public in march. If you'd like to view it, find me anywhere @idesigngames :)
Welcome to the forum :)

spare 5 short minutes

Only a 2-page survey, so that's about right—altho the minutes I spent were standard length :rolleyes:


Be aware that the email address and answers you enter may be visible by clicking a link on the second page of the survey.
You can always use the address me@myplace.home

@idesigngames I strongly recommend you make the email address question voluntary rather than required.

You absolutely need to exclude email addresses from the public glimpse of answers page, that is totally uncool.
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