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Jan 17, 2020
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Hey Folks, I would love to get your input and ideas on what you thought of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. To note, I play on PC.

My review will be a little short and as you read, you will understand why. The long and short of it, is that I doubt I will ever purchase and Assassin's Creed game every again. There are traits I like about Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but for the most part, you are not an assassin, you are barely even a functional fighter. The power level system in the game really feels like an afterthought and was put in place just to slow you down from finishing the game. The story content is quite shallow and just as confusing as ever. The combat system in it feels rather poor. Everything you do, from cleaving off body parts, to attempting to smash a box, is a heavy attack. Gone are the days of being a nimble warrior, you are now basically hulk. Stealth breaks on a regular basis and the AI now is omnipotent. The raid mechanic is gimmick at best. The aesthetic has so much to offer, but it all feels like an afterthought. Outside of combat, there are a lot of issues with cutscenes, which drop frames like nobodies business, and clipping. ALL THE CLIPPING

All in all, I would give it about a 6/10. That score might change with some extensive patching, but for me, I think I am done. Which really sucks as I have been a huge fan of Assassin's Creed. Ubisofts profit model may be the biggest killer of this game for me. All the micro transactions and trying to make what is basically a cut and paste MMO model, but limited to a single player.
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I think I am enjoying Valhalla more than any AC game since the first one. That being said, it's a woefully underwhelming experience to me. I agree that it doesn't feel very "assassin" like, but it seems they strayed from that a while ago in favor of a history focus instead. The whole modern day storyline is something I wish would just go away, it's really irritating to get to those moments where you're into the game and suddenly it sucks you out for some pointless story that is barely present.

I do think the combat is alright, the world looks nice, the pacing feels a lot better than previous games, and it runs pretty well for me. So it's not all bad, like I said my favorite one since the first one. I just don't think this series really does it for me, or most Ubisoft games really.

Also, at some point in my playthrough (I'm probably about halfway through the game, so I'm not done yet) I noticed that the storyline has a lot of parallels to the RDR2 story and now I can't unsee it. Just seems like a viking version in a lot of ways that I won't spoil.
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Aug 23, 2020
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I haven't played it....However. Drunkpunk, you mention it not feeling very assassin like - The only AC game I every really enjoyed was Orgins. Which upon reflection. I wonder if this was because of the more action / less assassin vibe. Thinking now. If it were made by the creators of the Batman games. I'd probably not be overly suprised. The whole modern day storyline. (probably not helped I never complete games), but not even sure that the point of it is?

I look forward to playing it. And no doubt enjoy moments, parts of the story lines in AC Orgins were very well written. Has it turned in to a jack of all trades game?


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