Aspire Aspire 7 CS:GO fps. 110 - 150 is ok?

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May 26, 2021
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Aspire Aspire 7 A715-41G CS:GO fps. 110 - 150 is ok?


I would like to know what the CS: GO fps experience is for other computer users of this model.
I reinstall my computer, set the graphics to max performance, get rid of unnecessary processes in the background and use many other techniques, but I don't get more than 150fps and it's fluctuating. I noticed that when I uninstalled GeForce Expierence, I got a little more fps. Of course, the game settings also have the lowest graphics.
This computer has 8GB of RAM, of which 6 can be used. When you start the game, ~ 4-5GB is filled. GPU and CPU usage 5 - 20%.

Screen size: 15.6"
Screen resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Display type: LED AntiGlare
CPU model: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 2.1GHz turbo 3.7GHz
RAM type: DDR4
SSD: 512 GB
Graphics card model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Onboard OS: Windows 10 Home
Battery: 48Wh

Nvidia Program Settings CS:GO:

High-performance NVIDIA processor

Image Sharpening OFF
Ambient Occlusion OFF
Anisotropic filtering OFF
Antialiashing Mode OFF
Background Application Max Frame Rate OFF
Low Latency Mode - ULTRA
Max Frame Rate OFF
Multi-Frame Samled OFF
OpenGL rendering GPU - AUTO
Power Management - Prefer max performance
Shader Cache ON
Negative LOD bias ALLOW
Texture filtering quality HIGH PERFORMANCE
Texture filtering trilinear optimization ON
Threaded optimization ON
Triple buffering OFF
Vetical sync OFF
Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames 1
Preference emphasizing: PERFORMANCE


Game Mode OFF - when turn on, fps is lower
Energy Options: Max performance
GPU planning: ON

All display background recordings is OFF

Esmu pārliecināts, ka man ir jaunākā BIOS, Windows un draiveru programmatūra.
Moderator Translate:
I'm sure I have the latest BIOS, Windows and driver software

UserBenchmarks: Game 35%, Desk 79%, Work 31%
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H - 74.6%
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 - 43.2%
SSD: HFM512GDJTNG-8310A 512GB - 161.9%
RAM: Samsung M471A1K43DB1-CTD 1x8GB - 45.8%
MBD: Acer Aspire A715-41G
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I'm sure I have the latest BIOS, Windows and driver software

Not sure if it translated it right, if it did... i wasted my time below :)

to find out bios, look up System Information in search, it will be the application result
in System information screen, look for the header Bios Version/Date
let me know what it is

  1. right click start
  2. choose run...
  3. type winver and press enter
  4. current version is 21H1

Can you download and run Driverview -

All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any (this is intentional as 3rd party driver updaters often get it wrong)

When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

Now its up to you, you can look through the drivers and try to find old drivers, or you can take a screenshot from (and including)Driver name to (and including)Creation date.

upload it to an image sharing website and show link here

All I would do is look at driver versions (or dates if you lucky to have any) to see what might have newer versions.

Drivers Website for laptop -

at least its got a GTX 1660, so it won't be using ram during the game for the Graphics, the card has its own.
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May 26, 2021
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Thank you.

My bios version coincides with the latest version of the bios on the acer website.

Below are my drivers:

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i really hate it when it doesn't show creation dates, but then it does the same thing on my pc

well, you have same versions of Steelseries engine as I do
you have a newer version of AMD Ryzen master than I do, which is odd as mine says its latest version if I do an update.
your WIFI is also newer version. yet again I have newest according to Intel.. hmm
There is a newer lan driver but it doesn't matter if you use WIFI
3rd link down under Windows header -
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