PCG Article Are you modding your cyberpunk?

The listed article talks about all these new mods from the new anime series coming out. Im not particularly into the edgerunners ones with character looks, more just advertisements on the billboards (to keep the game current to me) and the weapons/armor. But i've been using the flying car mod and that is BY FAR my favorite mod, its helped me out in a lot of ways. Others im using include better car/bike handling, water effects, general graphically tweaks etc. Are you modding yours and how so?

I was one of those gamers that foolishly bought into the marketing-hype videos and preordered CP2077, installed it, then uninstalled it without playing back when it was released. Not the smartest move I've ever made. It was mainly because of all the reported technical issues and negative response from both the press and people that played the game.

I know it's vastly improved now, and I do want to play it, I've just been biding my time and waiting for all the patches to be released. I'm still waiting for the patch that addresses the police issue that that they're working on, and when that drops I'll give it a try, hopefully at some point next year.

But when I do get to it, I will be definitely modding it. I've checked out the mods available on the Nexus and there are several that I'm interested in, mainly graphical or lighting mods, and the mods available are growing rapidly. The Edgerunner Anime mods not so much, as I've never been into that art style in games (though the billboard advertisements could be interesting).
this is nice could you share your experience about mods?

absolutely, in one word...easy. I pretty much just use nexusmods and the launcher they have titled "Vortex" and there are very simple and easy tutorials on how to set it up and use it on their site.

A lot of the mods, when going to download them say something like "download through vortex" and pretty much you just click the button and it automatically starts downloading for the game and they work by just launching the game.

There are mods though that take a little more knowledge of your PC to use and its really just adding text to a mod folder attached to the game but you still have to have some knowledge. Plenty of tutorial videos out there showing how to use vortex properly.