Are you a part of a game's community?

May 16, 2021
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What I mean is... does a game become a recurring topic in your life?

Because for me, it's generally a short one-time topic and the rest of my friends move on to whatever. We don't play the same games.

I've put 100s of hours into Age of Empires II, Diablo, and tons of games, but I never felt the urge to talk about them.
I was part of a Sacred 2 forum where we talked about game and made builds to share. It also made the sacred 2 wiki which I helped by contributing photos. I also joined a PS3 clan just for people to play with and people to talk to on their forums.

I have commented on 2 steam forums for games I was playing, mainly talking about bugs or changes that would be nice to have.
I'll occasionally look over the Steam forums or the subreddit to see if there are questions I can answer. On rarer occasions I'll post something else: a question, a screenshot, a complaint. Yesterday, I posted a bug for a mod on the mod's Discord. So I guess that makes me a part of the game's community, but I'm not a very active member, and I move on quickly once I stop playing the game.


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Great thread!

So many now, it's impossible to count, but it's the nature of my job, I suppose. :)

The one I'll always feel a part of is the EVE Online community, because it was my first experience of games community's, my first job and it's the place I feel the most comfortable.
Destiny 2 is the only game i would say i have a "community with". I am the founder of a clan on there with around 90 people but i probalby play with only 1 or 2 and i dont even know how many of those players are still active. I find it hard to try to build up an active clan "community" when people i add just dont talk or wanna be bothered lol. Still, it keeps me going back to the game but im always helpful when someone does want to play.

And no, i cant talk Destiny with anyone outside of my wife and son because noone i know personally plays it lol
There are certain game forums that I follow, even if I'm not actively playing the game currently. Skyrim, Fallout 4, Elex (and Elex 2) are some of those, as well as the Nexus for modding. The Steam forums for the games themselves, as well as the game developer forums (if they exist) are places that I can communicate with others about a specific game; often getting help if I need it, or trying to help others. With the Steam forums, I often have to maneuver around the "trollish" type posts, but there's usually a group of positive gamers that are always there.

(NOTE: Since I mentioned troll type posts, I've often wondered why someone would frequent a forum when they hate a certain game. It never made sense to me. Why would someone go to a specific game forum just to leave negative or derogatory comments about a game or those who play it? I see that in Steam forums all the time.)

I frequent the Nexus forums, as well as the comment sections for certain mods I use. I've gained countless insight to various mods and modding in general there. That's my 2nd favorite forum for gaming, with the PCG forum being 1st.

(Scorpia was the moderator!)
I haven't heard her name in years! I used to love her RPG articles (mostly) in the Computer Gaming World magazine. The article I remember the most was the somewhat negative slant to a positive rating for Baldur's Gate (entitled "Bauldur's Great?" I think). That was one article she wrote that didn't sit well with me, even though it received a positive rating.