Are you a mentor in your game?

So i was reading the new article about being a mentor in ''great moments in pc gaming". Do you feel that you do a lot of mentoring in the game that you play a lot?

I run a Destiny 2 clan and feel i do this all the time, explaining events, raids and different loadouts to people i run stuff with. Lots of trial and error at getting things done on time etc. It has its rewards no doubt.

OsaX Nymloth

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Since I play StarCraft II since 2012 I had a fair share of experiences, including helping players. I kinda "coached" my friend who surpassed me and almost got Grand Master league wit 5400 MMR (GM is the ultra elite top 200 people on server, highest achievement available for non-pro players). I helped some people at random when they asked me to practice something with them after ladder match.

To top that I am manager in one of the teams with semi-pro roster, so I also run some clan wars in official team leagues. Hard to put me into "mentor" position there as the 1st team is comprised of people better than me, but with academy players I did fair share of practice games, "coaching" sessions etc.

On my site I also made bunch of articles, from introductions for new players on how SC2 works etc. to previews of tournaments etc.

So I guess I kinda am a mentor? Not feeling like one tho.
Jul 15, 2020
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I would say explaining a game to less experienced people I always a must. I have to do this a lot when i'm playing Call of Duty or Halo. I've won some awards at competitions and thus feel I'm usually the most experienced player on the battlefield, and if I can get my troops out of a tight spot, I do it.
I have a small group of friends (there are 4 of us total) that have been playing games for many years together, and I kind have taken up that role in a sense. I tend to absorb tons of information about games that I play, I am always drawn to complex games with a lot of different interactions and mechanics and love learning how they work. As a result I'm usually the one who helps mentor our group through the beginning of a game. If there are opportunities for me to end up with randoms, I'll often do the same thing. It definitely has its rewarding moments, and I personally just enjoy being part of a group that can complete the goals we set out for ourselves, so doing what I can to help us further that goal (even if I'm just doing it with randoms) is always a good time.

I also spend a good bit of time in the communities for the games I play, learn what I can and offer the advice and knowledge that I pick up along the way. I enjoy seeing peoples frustrations evaporate when I am able to help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge.
Apr 19, 2020
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Yep, I guess so. I think a big part of it for me is because at my core, I basically min-max EVERYTHING. And to min-max, I need to consume alot of guides, tips and tricks, etc. And I love doing that. I also love putting out guides, but they are SOO time-consuming, so I generally stick to case-by-case help.