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Nov 25, 2019
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April has gone by quickly - like time is accelerating rapidly and the concept of when and then will soon cease to exist. By next month we'll be rolling out Community Contributors for the century and by what used to be called June it will be for the threads of the epoch. For now though, soothe that sense of time dilation with a cool, chill look at some of our favourite content from this month.

Each of the folks below will receive a Community Contributor badge and, as a special treat for this month, experience the joy of a genuine 60 second minute - like we used to have a thousand years ago last week.

As always, huge thanks to everyone here for making the PC Gamer Forums such a great place!

This month we want to recognise three people who have been helping a lot of people out when it comes to hardware and getting the most bang for your buck in building a rig to last. Their posts really embody what I've always loved about gaming forums which is real insight into the technical side in a friendly and readable way.

@Oussebon, @Zoid, @Inspireless Llama

Congrats to them and if you haven't checked out the General Hardware section, there's a lot of awesome discussion going down. Especially, if like me, you're preparing for Cyberpunk.

We also want to point you toward this cool thread by Zloth and invite you to discuss how we can make games truly non-linear.

Non-linear RPG's ...Or Are They? By @Zloth
You can usually find Zloth in the Gallery where he's got an astounding number of gorgeous screenshots - in this thread he delves into what non-linear means. A lot of games create the illusion of choice and do it incredibly well. The lure of pure emergent gameplay freed from the shackles of scripted events as the driver for telling your personal story with the game is a strong one, but often falls flat. Head on over to join the conversation, or go and kill rats in undertown or become a roaming merchant delivering fine candies to the bloated folk of the everblastlands. The Choice...is yours...

For real though, just check the thread - rat encounters aren't fun and the fantasy of roaming is woefully under supported in this current engine.

We'll be looking for more cool community members and threads to showcase at the end of May! As always, if someone is deserving of a call-out for being rad or you feel we've overlooked something really cool be sure to let us know. We're always looking to recognise the best of the community and regularly feature good posts in PC Gamer articles.
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