Apex Legends - Is this really what it's like?


I just watched this 15 minute video and I swear 99% of the entire thing was just basically a virtual Shopping Simulator?

All they did was endlessly pick up items/weapons/upgrades etc, there was barely any combat at all?

Is this an accurate representation of the gameplay?

I just don't see how this would be fun with so little combat?

BTW were these all live players or were half of them bots?

It almost looked more like a solo campaign with bots to me - but this is only multiplayer online right?

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpkPl1Ic9Hk

Tell me what it's really like to play, what do you do etc?
What other games/gameplay would you compare it to?

Thank you for your time
Looking for treasure is fun, which is basically what they are doing. There's not going to be a lot of combat in a battle royale. Ultra aggression isn't rewarded. Let the other people kill each other if at all possible. That tends to be the best strategy. That's why all these games have to have mechanics that force people into the same area. Otherwise everyone would avoid each other, and there'd be no fighting at all.
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